How To Run a Successful Psychic Circle

Running a Psychic Circle Successfully

Running a psychic circle can be daunting for people when they are very new to it, and experienced people sometimes run out of inspiration or ideas.

To run a successful development circle, you need to follow some necessary steps to set the scene and achieve a good flow during the gathering.

This guide has been created to show you some of the processes I follow, to give you some ideas you can use to start or refresh a circle.

The following processes have always provided excellent results in my personal experience. Of course, you can build on these ideas to make them your own.

Psychic Circle Definition

A psychic development circle (PDC) contains a group of people who are all interested in improving their natural psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, psychometry, telepathy, mediumship, telekinesis, energy healing, and more.

Positive Energy Balance

Arrive early at the chosen location of the circle and walk around it to make sure the energy is balanced.

If the energy does not feel balanced, open the entrance door to the building and ask for white light to be sent in.

Once you feel this is completed, close the door.

Go to the designated room and walk around it, purifying it with the white light, sending it into every space.

It is a good idea to purify yourself at the same time, so you do not pass on any of your negative feelings or emotions to the people coming into the circle.

Spiritual Guides

Connect to your spiritual guides and communicate your overall intention for the circle.

It does not need to be a specific intention on the actual program of the session, more of the overall effect you want to achieve for everyone in the group, i.e., comfort, awareness, enlightenment, etc.

Ask them to guide you through the session to provide you with inspiration on how to proceed.

Inspirational Thoughts

Go into the quiet before people begin to arrive, clear your mind, and let inspirational thoughts come to you.

Your guides understand the emotional state of everyone coming to the circle, and when you hand over control to them with your intention, they will know how to respond when you are in a receptive state.

When you feel you have received communication from your guides, thank them.

Emotional State

As people arrive, scan their power to feel their emotional state.

It is essential because, as you group them, putting energies together that are too similar causes an imbalance in the Circle.

It is a good idea to put contrasting energies together, so they can balance each other out, i.e. positive/negative, happy/sad, enquiring/closed, confident/tentative etc.

New people joining the circle should be put with an experienced sitter to make sure they feel comfortable and safe during the circle.

Once everyone has arrived, and you have organised them into individual groups, you will be able to feel the collective emotional vibration of the room and carry out your class accordingly with the help of your guides. (The same applies, of course, if you run a home circle with a handful of people as a single group)

Start the psychic circle

Start with a prayer with which and invoke Archangel Michael, asking for protection for the entire building and its occupants. You may prefer a different one.

After the prayer, carry out an exercise to open the chakras. It calms busy minds and brings everyone to a state of peace.

If the group is experienced, go straight into the exercises as the energy is correct and strong.

If it is a mixed group, and there are more new sitters than experienced ones, meditation is a good idea to calm the energy down further.

During the circle

While the circle is going on, monitor the energy as you walk around.

The energy can change several times throughout the session, as everyone works. If you feel the energy dropping, ask your guides to refresh the power in the room.

This new energy will refresh proceedings, enabling the class to continue in a positive direction.

Closing the circle

When it is time to close the circle, walk around making sure everyone has finished and given feedback on the completed exercises. Let everyone know the circle has ended and finished with a prayer.

Closing Prayer

Thank Archangel Michael and all your guides for looking after you. Thank the guides and spirits that came through to provide messages.

Towards the end of the prayer, close the chakras. Start from the Crown to the Root, making sure the Root Chakra is connected to the earth so that everyone is grounded before they leave.


When everyone has left, clean your energy by bringing white light, into your Crown Chakra, taking it through your body and out of your Root Chakra. You will know if you also need to be grounded before you leave the building.

Make sure the room is tidy and set to the same way it was before.

You can download the guide from our facebook group.