How To Cut Etheric Cords?

Etheric Cord Definition

Etheric cords are streams of energy that extend out of your chakras through your aura and connect with people, animals, places or even objects.

What Are Etheric Cords

These cords can also be referred to as connections, bonds or attachments.

We usually think of connections being between ourselves and other people or animals. We can also have links to buildings, cars, personal possessions and other objects.

When you become emotionally involved with somebody or something, an etheric cord connection is created between you and them.

Etheric Cords between Lovers

Emotion is sent via the cord. The strength of the connection increases as you become more emotionally involved, it becomes reinforced. The same applies whether the etheric cord is transferring positive or negative energy.

If you meet somebody and don’t get on too well with them, when the etheric cord is created between you it can start off as a negative one. If you continue to think about how much you do not like that person, the strength of the cord increases and the negative emotion gets stronger.

If you live in a house you are attached to; you may find it challenging to move home if you have a very positive connection, or may have the feeling of wanting to run away quickly if you have a negative relationship.

Energy is simply energy. It is the emotion we attach to this energy that is important.

Make A Positive Or Negative Connection

When we make an etheric connection, we determine whether it is positive or negative energy that is transferred to the person or object it attaches to at the other end of us.

When you think of your loved ones often and send loving thoughts to them, the emotional connections between you get stronger and stronger.

If you’re attached to someone or something and think negatively of them, this creates a stronger negative connection between you.

Most people create lots of etheric cords every day with people they meet, talk to or walk past.

Positive Outcomes

If you meet somebody and like them, a positive connection is created. The more you positively think of them, the stronger the positive association becomes.

If you meet someone and don’t like them, a negative connection is created. The more you negatively think of them, the stronger the negative association becomes.

If you change your thought patterns about a person, you can change how you think of them in the future. If, instead of sending negative thoughts you send loving and healing thoughts, you will find that over time your perception of that person will change.

As you go through life, you will accumulate many of these etheric cords, and if you don’t manage them, they can drain your energy. So it is essential to detach the ones you don’t want or need anymore and cleanse the ones you want to keep.

How to Remove Energetic Cords

Visualisation To Clear Your Etheric Cords

Follow the Etheric cord cutting meditation below:

  • Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit where you will not be disturbed.
  • Close your eyes, and take a few deep relaxing breaths, breathing in through your nose and out of your mouth.
  • When you’re completely relaxed, imagine white light coming into your crown chakra and going all the way down, through all your chakras until it reaches your root chakra.
  • Now repeat the following mantra to yourself:
  • Dear Guides, I am asking for help to let go of all the negative energy that is holding me back from achieving my life’s purpose. Please cut all the Etheric Cords that do not serve me well and are filled with negative energy, and cleanse with positive energy all the ones that serve me well.’
  • Now imagine all those cords are being cut or cleaned.
  • Once all the etheric cords have been released or cleaned, imagine white light filling your entire aura.
  • Then imagine a pink light coming from the universe and filling your aura and sealing it with positive energy. As it does, you will gain a sense of release and happiness.
  • Visualise your aura and scan to make sure that all the cords have been released.
  • With your eyes still closed give thanks that all negative etheric cords have been released from your aura.
  •  It’s essential to clean the environment where you cut the cords by smudging your surroundings or taking a warm bath.