What is Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful way to take a break from the busy world. It allows a person to connect with themselves on a deeper level.

I find when I meditate, it creates a calmness in my mind that transfers over into my life in the form of patience. This gives me the ability to make decisions from a pure perspective.

I was introduced to meditation during an Angel workshop that my mother wanted to attend and she asked me to accompany her.

As we sat in the workshop, we learnt all about guardian angels, and it was a lovely experience.

Guardian Angels

Halfway through the morning, the lady running the workshop announced that we were going to do a meditation to connect with our guardian angels.

As I sat there waiting for the meditation to start, I wondered what it would be like. I remembered back to when I was eight years old, and I had tried to meditate.

As I sat in the quiet, then nothing happened. I was so disappointed I stopped meditating.

Here I was 23 years later in the same position. The difference this time I enjoyed the experience of meditating.

While I was in the meditation, it felt like soothing energy was calming me down. It was such a lovely feeling that I wanted more of it.

After the meditation ended, I sat in silence as the other people were chatting quietly and thought to myself I would love to do this again.

Guided Meditations

When I got home that night, I bought myself a guided meditation cd. It arrived the next day, and I started listening to it. The cd had three different meditations on it.

I would play a different one each night and then on the third evening start on the first cd again.

Guided Meditation CD

As I listened to the guided meditations, I felt relaxed, and I could feel an inner peace within me. I meditated every day and after two months and I could feel a difference within myself.

I also noticed the more I meditated, the longer I could meditate for.

The guided meditations were normally twenty-five minutes long, but over a period, I could lengthen the time I meditated to 45 minutes.

I felt the following changes. The more I meditated, the deeper I connected with myself. The more I connected with myself, the more I understood who I am.

This led me to start liking myself. I realised that I had never even thought about the feelings I had for myself.

As I went through those feelings, I understood that I was so busy fighting the symptoms, I never had time to get to know myself.

Over a few months, I went through the things I liked about myself and the things I didn’t like about myself.

I also created a list of things I needed to work on. This exercise was one of the most powerful things I have ever done. When I completed it, it made me see myself and life in an entirely new way.

Life didn’t seem so frustrating anymore. I could approach any situation with a calmness of mind and look at the facts from both perspectives. I was much happier.

Meditating Has Health Benefits

I also found through meditating that it had health benefits. As I meditated, I felt that I wanted to be healthier.

This led me to start looking at my life to see where I could make improvements. I began to think differently about smoking, food and alcohol.

I realised that happiness was an internal feeling that didn’t need external sources to ignite it. I was happy in my own company.

I didn’t rely on alcohol or any other substances to feel happy. I didn’t need people around me to make me feel happy.

Friends Could Benefit From Meditation

I would even feel happy when it was a raining, or in winter when it was cold outside. People thought I was mad because I was so happy when they were complaining about the weather.

Speaking to a friend one cold wintery day, he asked how I was. When I smiled and replied ‘Great!’, he looked puzzled, and said ‘But its winter and it’s raining and cold!’ I replied ‘Yes it is, but it’s a wonderful sunny day in my mind’. He looked at me, shaking his head. I could see he was confused.

I understood then that happiness isn’t drawn from the experiences around you. It’s inside of you. So many people look for happiness in gadgets, money, or people around them. That’s not their fault; they don’t know how meditating can help calm your mind and allow your true self to be happy with who you are. I introduced my wife and children to meditate. I used the guided meditations with my children.

Meditation Helps Children

I introduced my wife and children to meditation.

My children would sit for the twenty minutes and listen to the guided meditation with me. Afterwards, they would sit and talk excitedly about their experiences of it.

They still enjoy it now. When they get home from school in the afternoons, they look forward to the meditations we do together. It has helped them a lot in understanding and dealing with everyday life.

I have seen the difference in my children. My son has got calmer and more thoughtful. He thinks a lot more and provides accurate and detailed explanations about his day.

Schoolwork Improves with Meditation

He has also become a lot more dedicated to his schoolwork. He loves the challenges of school. His confidence has also increased, and he enjoys public speaking.

My daughter has become a person that enjoys helping people around her. She loves sports and loves being outside.

Meditation has enabled her to calm down and explain her emotions. Before she started meditating, she would have anger tantrums, and she would scream for hours.

Now with meditation, she can communicate her feelings rather than lashing out.

Meditating has changed my life. Meditation provided me with the ‘reset button’ when I needed it. I know can be a great father, loving husband.

It has also given me a zest for life. I understand that life is about experiences and I look forward to those experiences every day. I wake up in the morning and look forward to the day ahead.

Here is the link to guided meditations for children on YouTube, it is 5 minutes long and you can listen to the audio to start with.


Meditation has changed my life for the better, and I hope it brings many benefits to your life in way that will amaze you. Choose a routine that fits into your lifestyle and meditate for 5 minutes a day to start with and you will find that over time, you will increase the time you meditate.