Positive Morning Affirmations to Start The Day

Have you ever felt like the world is a dark and scary place? Well, that’s not just because of the vampires or werewolves on TV. 

What if I told you that there’s more to it than that? There are certain things we can do to change this outlook and make our lives a little bit brighter. 

There’s no denying that having a negative frame of mind now and then will help us get over some of our troubles and move on. But what if we could always have a positive mindset? 

Is your outlook on life so-so right now? 

Do you feel like everything is just crashing down around you? 

Well, what if I told you those feelings aren’t as accurate as they seem? 

Certain things should remain outside your scope, so it’s time to reevaluate them from a new perspective.

What are Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are statements that support your goals, show your dreams and aspirations, and help you achieve them. Some people prefer to write positive affirmations, while others turn to the internet for help. 

Whatever you choose, it’s essential to identify what you want to achieve in life. For this affirmation system to work for you, you need to know what your dream is. 

  • What are the things that should be true about your life? 
  • What do you want? 
  • How would your day look if everything was perfect?

Benefits of Affirmations

Positive affirmations are much more powerful than you think. They help us feel great about ourselves and release the stress inside us. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of positive affirmations. One benefit of positive affirmations is that they can help you change your outlook on life and improve it.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you practice daily, then your influence will grow stronger with time. 

Positive affirmations are positive thoughts we can repeatedly say to ourselves throughout the day. They help us change our outlook on life and how we approach things. 

We send positive thoughts to the universe that finds matching thoughts and send them back to you. It is because of this that we never think negative thoughts.

Another benefit of affirmations is that they are more likely to work when we already have a lot going on, as we don’t tend to dwell on what we don’t have yet.

Certain things in our lives are outside our control, so we should not dwell on them as much as we do. If you want to be happier, what better way to start than with a positive affirmation? 

Positivity can also enhance the quality of your relationships with other people. 

Having a positive frame of mind makes it easier to communicate with people constructively and understand where they’re coming from without too much conflict or friction.

How to Write Positive Affirmations

With a bit of creativity, you can write positive morning affirmations. It will help prepare your brain for the day ahead and give you a boost of optimism. 

Examples of Positive Affirmations

Here are some examples of positive affirmations: 

  • I have the right mindset for this day! 
  • Everything is going to be just fine. 
  • Today is going to be a fantastic day. 
  • I am unstoppable.
  • I am loved. I am enough. 
  • This, too, will pass soon. 
  • Good things come to those who wait.
  • Every day is a new beginning.

Positive Affirmations for Kids

If you’re a parent, you probably want your kids to be as happy and content as possible. And that includes getting them up bright and early every day to start their day with positive affirmations. 

These can help remind them of what they should be doing in life and share with them the things that should bring happiness. 

So, what are some positive affirmations for kids?

Here are a few examples: 

  • In this world, there is no such thing as failure, just different ways of learning. 
  • No matter how hard the storm gets outside, I know I am safe in my home. 
  • No matter what happens today or tomorrow, I will come out on top.

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or insecure, you can use positive affirmations to help you feel better. 

These phrases will help you through tricky times and bring peace to your life. 

Some positive affirmations that work well for anxiety include: 

  • I am calm and peaceful today. 
  • I am safe and secure in my surroundings. 
  • I am strong, powerful, confident, and capable of anything I set my mind to today. 
  • I have an unlimited amount of love and support. 

What other positive affirmations do you know that would help with your anxiety? It’s time to start thinking about these things a little more positively.

Positive Affirmations for Men

There are many positive affirmations for men. It’s essential to start your day with a positive mindset, and these affirmations will help you accomplish that goal:

  • I am happy today.
  • Today is going to be better than yesterday.
  • I am doing something worthwhile.
  • My presence makes a difference.
  • I am loved.

Positive Affirmations For Women

Some things in life are inevitable. But there is no reason to let them get you down. Sometimes, we must find a new way of approaching and dealing with them. 

Here are a few affirmations that can help make your day a little bit brighter: 

  • I am the queen of my world. 
  • Everything is going to be okay. 
  • I deserve the best things in life.

Weight Loss Affirmations

Do you want to feel better about yourself and the way you look? You could spend hours a day trying to find the perfect diet or workout plan, or you could use positive affirmations. 

So, what are some of the best positive weight loss affirmations for beginners? 

First, let’s start with a few good ones: 

  • I will make time for fitness this summer. 
  • I am more confident than I think. 
  • Today is a new day. 
  • I love my body shape.

Body Positive Affirmations

  • I am powerful and confident in my body. 
  • I can trust that it is solid and capable.

A lot of the time, we feel like our bodies have failed us, and we don’t even know why. We worry about what other people will think of us or how we look in public. 

Sometimes, it feels like too many things are going on, and we’re not sure how to handle them. But remember that you’re always doing your absolute best every day. 

You can’t expect yourself to be perfect all the time, but you should always do your best to be the best person you can be. 

Affirmations For Relationships

One of the most important things you can do to improve your life and relationships is to develop a positive mindset. Don’t just think that it’s just going to happen overnight, though. It takes time and dedication but will pay off in the end. 

Offer yourself affirmations throughout the day that give you trust in the future. Maybe it’s something like 

  • I know that I deserve great things in my life.
  • I believe this is just a test, and I will meet people who can help me tomorrow.

These affirmations will help you get through any rough patches in life and keep your head high. But what about relationships? 

Many people struggle with relationships because they don’t feel like they’re getting what they need from their partner. 

Instead of trying to change them, take a step back and try out some 

positive affirmations for relationships with your partner. 

For example, try saying: 

  • This is my partner for now.
  • We always try to understand each other.
  • We are patient with each other.

Make sure to reinforce these affirmations by acting them out with your partner when you’re together.


It’s easy to start the day off with positive thoughts that lead to positive actions. The more positive you are, the more positivity you will have in your life. Remember, you are more significant than your past.