The Importance of Setting Goals

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Setting goals is an essential aspect of any successful plan. Knowing where you want to go and what you need to do to get there is essential in establishing a positive mindset and understanding that even with obstacles along the way, you will eventually get there if you keep moving forward every day.  Goals are … Read more

How To Be Productive Everyday

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The world is constantly changing, with new challenges, opportunities and most importantly, new horizons. We live in an era where anything is possible as long as you have the right mindset.  The key lies in finding ways to make everyday tasks into productive ones.  When was the last time you dove into your work without … Read more

How to Let Go of Hate and Anger

How to Let Go of Hate and Anger

What if you have a dark side? What if there’s a part of you that is so despicable, selfish, petty and angry that it makes you feel like the world is against you?  Let’s say this side of yours isn’t a deal breaker. You still want to be around other people and function well in … Read more

Students with a Growth Mindset See Their Mistakes

Students with a Growth Mindset

The growth mindset is a core value of the digital age. Children and adults are encouraged to embrace mistakes, learn from them, and build on them rather than try to avoid or remove them.  This emphasis on failure and improvement is especially true for future-facing professions such as STEM fields that thrive off of experimenting … Read more

What is the Opposite of a Growth Mindset

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Do you believe that anything can be learned from failure? Failure can be a very valuable learning experience. It can help us identify what we want to succeed at and what activities are not worth our time.  Failure results from taking action with the expectation that it will lead to a certain outcome.  Sometimes those … Read more

How to Encourage a Growth Mindset

Encourage a Growth Mindset

Anyone who spends even a few minutes around millennials knows they are obsessed with growth. This is especially true for millennials, who have grown up in an era of acceleration and exponential change.  Thanks to the digital age, they now access more information than ever.  At the same time, they also have access to more … Read more

What is a Growth Mindset for Kids

Growth Mindset for Kids

If you’re reading this article, you probably have a child destined for greatness. You see their inquisitive minds, natural ability to learn, and unending passion for everything they do. In your mind, there’s no doubt that he or she will grow up to be an incredible adult one day.  However, with that future comes new … Read more

Why is a Growth Mindset Important?

Why is a growth mindset important

If you’re reading this article, you probably understand how important the concept of a ‘growth mindset’ is. You might even wonder why it’s so important.  A growth mindset means that people believe their brains can grow, change, and improve with use.  People with a growth mindset want to learn and challenge themselves; they set stretch … Read more

The 7 Keys to Happiness Everyone Needs To Know

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Happiness is something you all seek. It can be challenging to define, but it’s everywhere once you start looking for it. Economics writer Scott Adams coined the phrase “Happy Xmas” to describe the phenomenon that comes over us during the holidays when our friends and family surround us with love and joy. Happiness is not … Read more